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Banaboard has a longitudinally ribbed inner and outer surface texture. Strapping and stretch film will better grip the outside of the board whereas the ribs on the inside allow the board to better grip your boxes. Banaboard is extruded into shape not bent or thermo-formed into shape. Extrusion provides more rigidity and structural memory than other manufacturing methods.


Resistance to moisture and weathering


Banaboard is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE #2) plastic, which in itself is a non-porous material. This material will not hold or allow moisture of any kind to penetrate and thus weaken it. Others may claim “water resistance” with wax coatings, laminates or sealed edges but due to the nature of paper/fiber boards, they will absorb moisture and weaken, exposing your palletized boxes to damage and/or claims. Banaboard is the only truly waterproof corner protector on the market. Banaboard has been tested from sub-zero temperatures (IQF environments) to 250°F with no distortion of physical properties.


Banaboard can be stored outdoors to save warehouse space.




Unlike paper or composite board, our product has structural memory. This means that even if it bent, strapped improperly or deflected, Banaboard will maintain its full structural integrity without being weakened. Laminated paper fiber and composite boards on the other hand, loose their strength when they are bent or deflected (i.e. strapping stress) resulting in breakage.




Banaboard can be re-used. In fact we have had customers use our product for 10+ trans-Atlantic shipping cycles. It was designed with this in mind. Why throw away a perfectly good corner post? The savings are exponential and it helps reduce packaging waste. Your customers are happy, you are happy, we are happy.


Safety factor


Polyethylene is among the safest types of plastic that can be used in production of corner posts. The finished product has no sharp edges for easier and safer handling. Our product maintains ample rigidity without being brittle; hence it will not shatter or splinter. It can easily be cut with hand clippers or gardening shears leaving no jagged edges.


Weight and thickness


Banaboard is lighter and stronger than other corner protectors out there. Our higher strength to weight ratio allows us to ship more product per container (20%) resulting in lower per unit freight costs. Fewer containers mean lower overall shipping costs – always a good thing.




In both bend resistance and flat-crush testing, Banaboard performed at the top of its class. Although there are various types of testing available we have found that none match up to the conditions that are present during refrigerated inland and ocean transport. Here, our customers have found that there is simply no substitute.


Quality and consistency


Our quality is second to none. We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture consistent product with a low scrap rate.  Even though Banaboard is made from 100% recycled material it has the clean appearance of a product made from virgin resin.  We stand behind the quality of our product and its ability to protect and unitize your palletized cargo with the Banaboard Guarantee. 


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